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I had never seen J so out of sorts. And this man, the sensible side to my crazy, he doesn’t really get that way. But turning the big 3-0 wasn’t sitting well. Until that morning of November 16, 2015. He woke up with a big old smile on his face. “This doesn’t feel so bad,” he said. “I’ve still got it.” Well, yeah, that’s what I kept telling him. And so it went, just like that.
We spent a memorable few days in the place we used to call home, and quite often, still do. We discovered things we’d never seen before in the years we had lived there. We ventured outdoors and lounged in, eating far too much along the way. We celebrated J’s birthday and his sister’s recent engagement. And by the time those days came to an end, I was in tears that we had to leave. I had forgotten how nice it was to be surrounded by family. To pop over for dinner any night of the week. To go on long hikes in the Carolina woods. And that weather? Oh, I miss that weather. So to immortalize that weekend and those wickedly good vibes, I took about a hundred photos. Here are just a few of the highlights of how we spent our time in the place our hearts live; North Carolina.


A walk around the neighborhood where the views can’t be beat


Caffe Luna, Raleigh NC

Dinner at one of our very favorite restaurants—where we had our wedding rehearsal dinner—Caffé Luna


Hayes Barton Cafe, Raleigh NC

Rows of colossal cakes from Hayes Barton Cafe


cakes from Hayes Barton Cafe, Raleigh, NC

…which we promptly took home and indulged in over the next few days.


Autumn in Raleigh, NC

Spending some quiet time with nature (the absence of sirens and honking horns was a welcome retreat!)


Pullen Park, Raleigh, NC

A stroll through Pullen Park (and the realization that posing for photos is not our forte).


A church in downtown Raleigh, NC

Some of the architecture that makes up downtown Raleigh’s (very) mixed-height skyline.


The North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences dinosaur display

You’d think, living in D.C., that we’d get enough of museums. But we found ourselves spending time at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences, anyway.


North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences

A pathway between the new extension and the old wing of the museum.


The soda pop selection of a Southern Season; Raleigh, NC

Looking for every kind of soda pop imaginable?


The famous nut selection of Southern Season; Raleigh, NC

…Or every kind of peanut? Southern Season has it.


Opening birthday presents; Raleigh, NC

Birthdays = presents!


30th birthday cake

Lots of wishes to be made.


Jordan Lake; Raleigh, NC

Quiet time on the lake.

Counting down the days until the next visit, Carolina! Our forever home sweet home.

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