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girls weekend in Washington, D.C.

I don’t know when things got so busy. Sometimes it feels like we spend an awful lot of time sitting around doing nothing, then before we know it, a month has flown by and I have a whole lot of photo evidence that proves we were not, in fact, doing nothing. Our trip to New Orleans feels like it was just last weekend, but it was actually almost a month ago now! Between then and now we’ve had a really great visit with family and eaten a ton of food (seriously, looking at the photos I wonder if all we ever really do is eat!). Here are the highlights of our weekend (and this time, I mean the last three weekends).

Pasta, Old Ebbit Grill, Washington, DC

We took our visiting family to Old Ebbit Grill, a bit of a tourist destination but a D.C. institution no less and located just around the corner from the White House. I always find the food here to be super reliable and would recommend it as a must-visit on your trip to the Nation’s Capital. This swiss chard and goat cheese agnolotti was delicious.

Family gathering at home

Girl’s weekend in D.C.! My mom, grandma, aunt, and cousin spent a wonderfully memorable couple of days with us. It meant so much to have them here all in one place (just missing the other cousin!), with highlights including touring D.C. and spending time in the kitchen with grandma (adding to my favorite list of memories with her!). In a rare relaxed moment, even Lexie Bug the cat couldn’t resist getting in on a picture with all the gals.

World War II Memorial, Washington, DC

Our visit to all the National Mall culminated in in this stop at the World War II memorial. My patriotic ensemble was totally not intentional, but it worked out!

Hillary Clinton action figure

I just thought this Hillary Clinton “ready-for-action figure,” found in a touristy gift shop in downtown D.C., was hilarious.

chicken lettuce wraps

A quick, healthy, and super tasty recipe for chicken lettuce wraps came from one of our current favorite cookbooks, Seriously Delish.

Pulled pork sandwich, Firefly, Washington, D.C.

D.C.’s Restaurant Week brought us to Firefly, where we munched on pulled pork sandwiches with coleslaw and some deliciously crispy fries!

pulled pork sandwich, Rockland's BBQ, Washington, DC

Speaking of barbecue, my closest friend has long been trying to get me to Rocklands, a meat lover’s restaurant with a number of locations (and a food truck!) in the D.C. area. She was totally right about how good it is! It’s not quite Carolina BBQ but darn close, and I polished off this sandwich with no complaints (except maybe from the button on my jeans).

J cooking at home

One of multiple homemade meals from the weekend: J hard at work creating a broccoli and cheese stromboli (recipe coming soon!).

Nectarine-Raspberry Cobbler recipe

Savoring the last tastes of summer with this homemade nectarine-raspberry cobbler a la mode, recipe via Williams-Sonoma.

So, I guess that settles it. Maybe all we do with our weekends is eat. In that case, I’m looking forward to the flavors of the next one!

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