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Ice Cream Thonas Sweet Georgetown

Summer in D.C. is a great place to be, permitting you can manage the outrageous humidity and steamy temperatures. One of the best ways I know to keep cool is to take in a movie—one of the only summer hot spots that calls for a sweater! We did one better this weekend, one of the most sweltering this summer yet. J and I caught Inside Out at the theater in Georgetown, then treated ourselves to some ice cream for the walk home. We rounded out the weekend with a visit to a new Indian fusion restaurant downtown, paired with a visit to the insanely busy National Museum of American History to take in the new wing dedicated to the innovation of America. Hope you enjoyed a great weekend, too!

Stachowski's grinder sandwich

Stachowski’s Grinder sandwich is big enough for two (this is only half!) and so delicious. This put an end to our hunt for a great sandwich in D.C.!

Ice Cream Thonas Sweet Georgetown

A waffle cone filled with cake batter ice cream was the perfect way to beat the heat this weekend, from Thomas Sweet in Georgetown.

sleeping cat

A snuggle from Colby Jack was the perfect way to end a long, exhausting (but fun!), day.

Indian takeout food from Grand Trunk DC

We tried a number of dishes from the new Grand Trunk Indian fusion restaurant in D.C., which claims to be “The World’s First South Asian American Fast Food Brand.”

American Innovation exhibit

Over at the American Innovation wing, spotted this ornate silver and gold bicycle outfitted by Tiffany with diamonds and emeralds. The jewelry person in me rejoiced!

Wishing you a great week ahead!

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