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potato and cheese pierogies

My polish heritage is something I hold near and dear, thanks to my grandmother who always made sure to delight us with its belly-warming cuisine. My favorite was and is the pierogies (which, since I was little, I’ve pronounced as pya-doug-ies), and, other than at Christmastime, it’s rare I get a good bite of one—let alone the required half dozen. The fact that I’ve been married to a Polski for the last 6 years begs the question of why on earth we hadn’t gotten into the kitchen to make these tasty little dumplings sooner. Last week I came across Pierogi Love, a new cookbook that offers a modern spin on the old world eats; it wasn’t even a question as to whether or not it would make a home along with our growing collection of recipe books—I ordered it right away. The recipes look like so much fun, featuring twists like cheese-filled pretzel pierogies (which we did make, though we ate them too quickly to take photos!), to ones inspired by a Philly cheese-steak, ones with an Indian twist, and more, not to mention an entire section on dessert. But in the interest of honoring our grandmothers and starting the book from page 1, we decided to make the more traditional and long-standing favorites; potato and cheese.

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Rolling out the dough, homemade pierogies

The process was an arduous one, particularly where the dough was concerned. Making it was the easy part; it was the rolling it as thinly as possible, and cutting out little circles for the pierogies that proved difficult. Jesse handled the task like a pro!

filling the homemade pierogies

I had the pleasure of filling them; the somewhat sticky mixture of potato and cheese didn’t make that all too easy, but I was certainly proud of my folding skills. They looked darn good when I was through with them. We had quite the little assembly line going!

homemade pierogies finished product

We fried them up in butter (as Grandma would), and topped them with Greek yogurt and some sour cherries (they were hanging around, and it seemed like a good idea). The entire process took nearly 3 hours, and we devoured these babies in about 10 minutes. Worth it? Absolutely. Plus, the recipe made so many, we’ve stashed quite a few in the freezer for a rainy day—better yet, we’ll break them out when our family comes to visit next month. We sure hope to impress them with our results!

You can order Piergo Love here; we plan to try many more of the recipes in the book (when we have a half a day to spare), and will be sure to share the outcomes!


  1. Joanne Romano says

    They look amazing! So proud of my daughter and son-in-law for attempting to make these… Something I never attempted myself because I knew the time and effort my grandma and Babci put into making these. Thank you both for keeping this part of our heritage going!!! Love you both❤️



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