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Balboa Park in downtown San Diego, California

While I was thrilled to spend our California getaway in La Jolla, what we did give up in turn for our time at the beach was more time in San Diego. We didn’t spend too much time downtown, but the moments we did take to explore its most popular destinations proved memorable and completely worth renting a car for (travel note: you really need a car here, either way).

Parrots on display at the San Diego Zoo, California

Feathered beauties at the San Diego Zoo

Reptiles at the San Diego Zoo

Making friends for life in the Reptile & Amphibian house

Gondolas at the San Diego Zoo, California

The gondolas at San Diego Zoo take you high into the air for a bird’s eye view (just don’t look too far down!)

I was nervous that I wouldn’t enjoy San Diego Zoo, despite its accolades as being one of the best zoos in the United States, if not the world (what? Animal Kingdom sets high standards). But I 110% loved every single minute we spent there. What an incredibly beautiful, detailed, and well-maintained park. It’s well worth the entrance fee and your time to check it out, especially if you’re traveling with little ones (though we were not, and enjoyed it to the fullest, nonetheless).

San Diego Museum of Man, Balboa Park

San Diego Museum of Man, Balboa Park

You can easily stroll right from the San Diego Zoo into Balboa Park thanks to easy-access paths connecting the two destinations. We spent the majority of our day making friends with the animals at the zoo, so by the time we made it to Balboa, many of its museums were closed. No matter; the grounds were exquisite, with architecture to gawk at for hours and gardens worthy of one hell of a photo shoot (I lament that we did not do this).

California Tower in Balboa Park

The California Tower at Balboa Park [in Reformation Taurus dress]

Balboa Park, San Diego, California

[On J: J. Crew short sleeve top and shorts | Zara Jacket]

J’s Take

Ah, the power of selective pictures. Britt’s got a smile on her face here, but thanks to her poor choice of shoe, we spent more time than needed taking breaks! Flat sandals are not OK for a day at the zoo—be sure to pack shoes that offer the most support for a long day of walking the zoo—it’s large and hilly. And don’t forget your AAA card (or other discount cards), if you have one. I saved us $10 on admission!

Ugh, I hate it when he’s right. My feet paid the price for that silly pair of sandals! See more from our trip to San Diego with the best beach moments from our trip here.

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